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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a community college student. Should I apply?

Students from community colleges, HBCUs, and Minority-Serving institutions (MSIs) are the primary target audience for this course, and are strongly encouraged to apply!

2. Can I apply if I am an international student?

Anyone can apply, but priority will be given to applicants who are located in North America regardless of citizenship. This is because the educators and most of the opportunities offered to students in the program will be based in the US.

3. Can I apply if I am a graduate student?

Priority for the program will be given first to undergraduates, but graduate students are welcome and encouraged to apply as well.

4. Does it cost anything to attend CRANE?

No! This workshop is completely free to attend! You just need access to a computer/laptop and the internet. Also, each year, we have a limited amount of funding to provide stipends for some of our students. 

5. Who is eligible to receive a stipend?

Stipends will only be awarded to applicants with a US address, however US citizenship is not required.

6. I have zero coding experience, should I apply?

Yes! This program assumes no prior coding experience, and Part 1 will focus on teaching basic Python programming.

7. I have Python coding experience and would like to TA! How can I join CRANE?

Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of the team! We are always looking for more TAs. TAs are essential since they lead breakout rooms during the seminar to work on Python exercises with the students in small groups. TAs do not lead the seminar.


To become a TA, please fill out this form here and then email us at to let us know! No prior experience is necessary, and we will have an individual training with you on our code of conduct and how to be a TA. Also, for every Python seminar, all TAs and the CRANE lead will practice run that lesson before the live seminar with the students. 

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